Bulk SMS

Robust Bulk SMS Service

We offer Incredible Bulk SMS Services. With our Bulk SMS platform, we have the capacity to send customised SMS to individuals. Our offer rates are the Cheapest in the market. The platform has the ability to send over 1 Million SMS per Minute. Our clientele include; Corporates, SMEs, Sacco's, Chamas and Individuals.

We are currently upgrading our sms platform, we will be back soon. To reach us email: support[@]stratech.co.ke 0r call us on +254-713-579-437.

Client Testimonials

  • "Very Efficient tool for getting in touch with my clients".

  • "An efficient way of communicating with our sacco members".

    Mary Kendagor,

  • "I just can't believe how simple & conviniet this is!"

  • "It's quite affordable & has extensive tools!!".

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